SAP PM Online Training

SAP PM Online Training

SAP PM Online Training
SAP PM Online Training

SAP PM Online Training Course Content:


General discussion about SAP and its importance

Organization structure

  • Company
  • Company code
  • Plant
  • Maintenance plant
  • Planning plant

SAP landscape

  • Sandbox
  • Development
  • Quality
  • Production

SAP Architecture

  • Database
  • Application
  • Presentation

Overview of PM

  • Overview of PM in Domain industries
  • Role of PM in supply chain management


  • Over view
  • Creation of Functional location
  • Creation of Maintenance work center
  • Creation of Equipment
  • Creation of Task list.
  • Creation material
  • Creation of Equipment BOM
  • Link of material Bom to Equipment
  • Structural Display
  • Creation of serial number
  • Creation of measuring points
  • Creation of maintenance plans
  • Creation cycle set
  • Creation of Strategy

Creation of General notification

  • Processing of notification
  • Close of notification

Creation of Break down Notification

  • Processing of notification
  • Close of notification

Creation of maintenance order Integration with MM & FICO

  • Maintain settlement rule
  • Release of Order
  • Confirmation of Order
  • Goods issue
  • Technical completion
  • Variance calculation
  • Settlement of ORDER
  • Completion of order

Planning Scenarios

  • Creation of Single cycle plan, assign to task list
  • Creation of maintenance Strategy and assign it to task list plan
  • Multiple counter plans

Maintenance Processing Execution of all the above individual plans

  • Scheduling of the plans
  • Notification Generation
  • Process notification
  • Close of the notification

Order creation from Notification

  • Release of order
  • Confirmation of order
  • Goods issue
  • Technical completion
  • Variance calculation
  • Settlement of ORDER
  • Completion of order
  • Completion of notification

Issue of Non stock material to the maintenance order.

  • Creation of material
  • Assign in operation
  • Carry out MIGO against PO generated through purchase requisition
  • Order completion
  • Cost analysis

Issue of stock material to the maintenance order with or without serial number.

  • Creation of material with or without serial number.
  • Assign in operation
  • Requirements in MD04
  • Run MRP and procure this stock component
  • Carry out MIGO against PO generated through purchase requisition
  • Order completion
  • Cost analysis

External operation OR service delivery in the maintenance order.

  • Creation of maintenance order
  • Select operation as external
  • Maintain service against Po
  • Enter the service entry sheet w.r.t PO
  • Order completion
  • Cost analysis

Refurbishment of Maintenance order

  • Creation of maintenance order W.r.t Material and Order type PM04
  • Maintain other operations
  • Assign other Components other than refurbishment component
  • Release and save order
  • Completion confirmation Goods movement
  • Goods receipt of Refurbishment material
  • Confirmations of each operation with Final confirmation
  • Order Completion
  • Cost analysis

Calibration order and PM integration with Quality management

  • Creation of MIC’s
  • Assignment of inspection points
  • Assignment of MIC’s
  • Creation of calibration order
  • Generation of inspection lot
  • Results recording
  • Usage decision
  • Completion of Order

Process of assigning activities to the Object parts in Main equipment notification

  • Creation of tasks
  • Creation of activities
  • Creation of objects
  • Creation coding
  • Creation of catalogue profile
  • Maintain in Equipment
  • Carry out task to the object parts
  • Closing of individual and main notification

Factory calendar creation

  • Creation of public holidays
  • Creation holiday calendar
  • Creation of Factory calendar
  • Assignment of Factory calendar in Plant

Information system

  • Reports
  • Cost analysis
  • Cogi errors


  • Basic steps
  • Maintenance of planning plant
  • Assignment of planning plant to maintenance plant
  • Overall steps to be configured with respect To PDF

SAP Project Implementation

  • Overview
  • ASAP Methodology

Support process for SAP in Real time

  • Priority of tickets
  • Acknowledge
  • Solution

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What my Client's Say?


  • Prabhu is an excellent instructor, very patient and thorough. I have tried another training class and EXPLORE IT far exceeds other trainers and their methods ~ Hassan Malik

  • An extremely helpful and informative course. Training materials were well organized and provided good case studies. Instructor was extremely professional and pleasant to learn from.~ Bhavani Sudarshnam

  • The training was clear and detailed. I like Parker's style of teaching as the recurrent training is a thorough review of the HR. Every opportunity for the student to ask questions was provided. ~ Yiting Chen

  • Jane Anderson conducted the class in a very professional manner. Examples were very relevant and I feel that I gained a lot from the updated materials this year.~ Somesh Taneja

  • Prem was a great instructor. Thanks Prem for making the training easy to understand. A lot of information was covered. He made the approach easy to follow.~ Komali Sambakula

  • She wants to make sure that her students walk away from her course with a good working knowledge. She is an excellent trainer and cares that all of her students learn the material.~ Kiran Jain

  • Krishna is very thorough and professional. He made the code very understandable. I was very impressed with his teaching methods and presentation of the regulations. EXPLORE IT is the best! ~ Rajesh Isukapalli

  • Mr. Chris Brown was very affirmative with the course, on time and fluent. This is my second recourse with him. I hope to take his course as long as I am shipping at my current job. ~ Awais Rahim