Visual Basic Online Training

Visual Basic Online Training

Visual Basic Online Training
Visual Basic Online Training

Visual Basic Online Training Course Content :

Part 1 Introduction to the VB Environment

  • Visual Basic Overview & Terminology
  • Event driven programming
  • VB Programming Environment

Part 2 Creating the User Interface

  • Building the User Interface
  • Creating an Application
  • Building Menus

Part 3 VB Programming Language

  • Event Handling
  • Using Properties
  • Methods
  • Naming Conventions
  • Variables
  • Variable Scope
  • Constants
  • Arrays
  • User Defined Types
  • Comments
  • Continuation Statements
  • Assignment Statements
  • Operators
  • Loops & Decision structures
    • If……. Then……. Else
    • Do… Loop, For, While, Exiting a loop
    • Message Boxes (Msgbox)
    • Input Boxes (Inputbox)
    • Sub-Routines and Procedures

Part 4 Error handling and debugging

  • Error Handling
    • Introduction
    • Trappable Errors
    • On Error…
    • Resume
    • Error Handlers
  • Err, Error and Error$()
  • Techniques
    • Avoid Variable Name Errors
    • Setting Your Own Error Codes
    • Simulating A Visual Basic Error
    • Catering for Unexpected Errors
    • Delayed Error Handling
    • Turning Off Error Handling
    • Function Specific Error
    • Procedures
  • Debugging your code
    • Using the Debug Window Passively
    • Using the Debug Window Actively
  • Interactive Debugging Tools
    • Stepping Through Code
    • Breakpoints
    • Watches
    • Instant Watch
    • The Calls Window
    • Set Next

Part 5 Working with more advanced controls

  • File management
  • Timer
  • ActiveX custom controls
    • Tree view and List view
    • Common dialog
    • Masked edit
    • Status Bars
    • Toolbars

Part 6 More About Controls

  • Using Control Arrays
  • Collections
  • Using the Controls Collection
  • Working with Object Variables

Part 7 Database use in Visual Basic

  • Database Use in VB
    • Database Types
    • Database connectivity styles
  • The ActiveX Data Control
  • ADO
    • Intro to ActiveX Data objects
    • Database connection using ADO
    • ADO Recordsets
    • Disconnected Recordsets
  • Data Bound Controls
    • DataGrid
    • DataList
    • DataCombo
  • The Data Form wizard
  • Visual Data Access Tools
    • Data Environment
    • Designer Data View Window
  • SQL
  • Multiple-User Issues
  • External Databases
  • ODBC Databases
  • MTS (Microsoft Transaction Server) and ADO

Part 8 Using Dynamic-Link Libraries

  • Introduction to DLLs
  • Declaring DLLs
  • Calling DLLs
  • Providing Callback Procedures

Part 9: ActiveX

  • The Component Object Model (COM)
  • ActiveX Clients
    • Implementing Automation
    • Characteristics of Servers
    • Creating a Client
    • Receiving Notifications from Servers
  • Creating ActiveX Servers
    • Introduction to ActiveX Components
    • Creating Objects
    • ActiveX Code Components
    • Registering a Sever
    • Server Events
    • Building Interfaces
    • Additional Features of Code Components
  • Creating ActiveX Controls
    • Introduction to Controls
    • Creating the Control’s User Interface
    • Testing
    • Exposing Properties, Methods, and Events
    • Creating Property Pages
    • Data Binding
    • Distributing
  • Using ActiveX Components on a Web Page
    • Overview
    • Downloading Controls
    • HTML Scripting
    • Setting Initial Control Properties
  • Creating and Using ActiveX Documents
    • Introduction to ActiveX Documents
    • ActiveX Document Projects
    • Testing and Debugging
    • Multiple Documents
    • The User Interface and User Documents
  • Creating Internet-Aware Applications
    • Using Sockets (Winsock)
    • Internet Transfer Control
    • Web Browser Control
    • Automation with Internet Explorer
    • Personal Web Server
    • IIS
    • DHTML

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  • Prabhu is an excellent instructor, very patient and thorough. I have tried another training class and EXPLORE IT far exceeds other trainers and their methods ~ Hassan Malik

  • An extremely helpful and informative course. Training materials were well organized and provided good case studies. Instructor was extremely professional and pleasant to learn from.~ Bhavani Sudarshnam

  • The training was clear and detailed. I like Parker's style of teaching as the recurrent training is a thorough review of the HR. Every opportunity for the student to ask questions was provided. ~ Yiting Chen

  • Jane Anderson conducted the class in a very professional manner. Examples were very relevant and I feel that I gained a lot from the updated materials this year.~ Somesh Taneja

  • Prem was a great instructor. Thanks Prem for making the training easy to understand. A lot of information was covered. He made the approach easy to follow.~ Komali Sambakula

  • She wants to make sure that her students walk away from her course with a good working knowledge. She is an excellent trainer and cares that all of her students learn the material.~ Kiran Jain

  • Krishna is very thorough and professional. He made the code very understandable. I was very impressed with his teaching methods and presentation of the regulations. EXPLORE IT is the best! ~ Rajesh Isukapalli

  • Mr. Chris Brown was very affirmative with the course, on time and fluent. This is my second recourse with him. I hope to take his course as long as I am shipping at my current job. ~ Awais Rahim